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NICE Inform Intelligence Center

Advanced Public Safety 911 Reporting Software

Is your staff spending hours and hours manually compiling data from various systems to prepare reports on PSAP performance metrics? Are you still relying on time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheets? And after all this, are you still lacking the insight needed to drive real operational improvements in your emergency communication center? 

The NICE Inform Intelligence Center will liberate you from these problems and can uncover hidden issues before they get out of hand. 

Built from the ground up for emergency communications and command centers, the NICE Inform Intelligence Center is a next generation public safety 911 reporting system that puts powerful near real-time analytical tools and metrics within your reach, all in one place, making it easy to identify, understand, and address the factors that drive operational performance and contribute to your center’s success.

​Unprecedented Insight into Metrics that Matter 

Intelligence Center breaks down the barriers of bringing together, analyzing and acting on data – by leveraging GIS mapping and consolidating information from your Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), phone, radio, and NICE recording and quality assurance systems. You get unprecedented insight into the metrics that really matter, without all the work, including metrics that are difficult to measure, like ‘hello to hello time.’ 

Ten out of the box web-based dashboards provide insight on over 100 key performance indicators, presented on easy-to-read charts, graphs and maps. The dashboards are continuously updated and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and desktops – and even projected onto your center’s wallboard for viewing by your entire staff. 

​Not meeting targeted response levels? Use the dashboards to drill down into underlying data and even listen to audio recordings so you can get to the root cause of problems.

Our agency prides itself on being on the leading-edge of technology and we find the new NICE Inform Intelligence Center really exciting. It's giving us access to performance metrics that weren't previously available, enabling us to develop much greater insights into our call volume, ​and even helping us pinpoint what's happening where from a crime perspective. NICE has done a really great job of simplifying the way we gather and distill performance metrics and other information, so we can do a better job serving the public.
F. Russell Bowers, ENP
Public Safety Communications Administrator
City of Westminster (CO) Police Department

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