Priority Dispatch AQUA Evolution®

Streamline QA Workflow in Priority Dispatch AQUA Evolution with Integrated Call Playback

Priority Dispatch and NICE Systems are helping streamline the case review process and make your job much easier. Now you can conveniently playback call audio recordings related to cases of interest directly from your AQUA Evolution™ case review interface – eliminating time-consuming need to search for recordings within a separate recording system and toggle between different applications while performing a quality evaluation.


With the addition of NICE Inform communications recording, Priority Dispatch AQUA Evolution users can conveniently playback call audio recordings related to the case of interest directly from their AQUA interface.

  • ProQA, which drives caller interrogation processes via a set of questions in sequence per standardized protocols, automatically relays collected information to the CAD system for dispatch and AQUA Evolution pinpoints specific training needs and liability risks.
  • Within AQUA Evolution Case Review, clicking the Audio button on a case for the first time opens up an Audio Search window. Audio searches can be fine-tuned using the date/time range and any other available search fields. Clicking the Search button invokes a call to the NICE Inform API to retrieve matching call recording(s) stored within NICE’s database, via Priority Dispatch AQUA Integration.
  • When the correct recording has been identified, clicking the Save Link button inserts and stores a link identifier into the Recording Info field for that case. Clicking the Audio button again, at any point in the future, then automatically plays back the audio recording in a standard media player.


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