NICE Investigate Police Digital Case Management Software System​

The Investigation Portal: All the Tools Investigators Need, Right at Their Fingertips

Today it's not uncommon for investigators to have to log on to a dozen or more systems to gather evidence. They waste time emailing, phoning, even driving to locations to pick up evidence, then even more time copying it onto CDs, DVDs and thumb drives. The volume and variety of digital evidence grows every day, while the manual processes investigators use to collect, analyze and share it simply haven't kept pace.

The NICE Investigate digital case management system gives investigators all the tools they need, right at their fingertips.

The NICE Investigate  police digital case management software solution streamlines the evidence collection process by connecting to and collapsing available data silos into one interface.  It provides a one-stop shop for gathering evidence – the investigator doesn't have to log on to different systems or travel to locations to manually collect evidence.

Investigators access  evidence and build  cases through the NICE Investigate digital investigation software solution's Investigation Portal. All evidence is maintained in virtual case folders. Investigators can even use built-in redaction tools to redact video.

By putting investigators in control of evidence, NICE Investigate makes them more efficient and effective crime solvers.

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