SMS Text-to-911

Next Generation 9-1-1 SMS Text-to-911 Recording

Hundreds of PSAPs are now equipped to handle 911 texts nationwide, and momentum is building as additional emergency communications centers implement text-to-911 every day. As with all Next Generation 911 PSAP interactions, text-to-911 communications have to be captured, logged and made available for incident reconstruction.


The NICE Text Logging solution captures all text-to-911 communications and associated metadata. It links and synchronizes text interaction recordings with all other forms of communications that flow into your center, facilitating comprehensive searches, reporting, incident reconstruction, quality evaluation, and more. NICE offers the benefit of more direct, certified integrations to text-to-911 management platforms than any other provider of recording solutions.

What’s more, NICE goes beyond capturing 911 texts to enabling PSAPs to search for, retrieve, export, save and share text conversations for investigations. Exported text dialogs can be saved in various formats, along with complete metadata (caller ID, date/time stamps, caller latitude/longitude/location, etc.), for comprehensive insight into who texted, where, when, and what was said.

Integrated Multimedia Logging

The NICE Recording system logs text messages in compliance with NENA i3 standards, supporting both MSRP (Message Session Recording Protocol) and ATIS J-STD-110 standards. Text logging captures SMS and the text portion of an MMS. The NICE Next Generation 9-1-1 SMS Text-to-911 system logs message content, as well as the texter’s phone number and location information, along with a timestamp for each message. This metadata is incorporated into a central repository and can be used, along with keywords contained in the text, to search for and retrieve text interactions.

Managing Multimedia Incident Information

Whether it’s texts, voice or other data, logging is only the first step in managing multimedia incident information. Using NICE Inform, 911 texts can also be combined with recorded 9-1-1 calls, radio communications, screen video and other incident data to create a complete, authentic incident timeline.

This can be useful for:

Evidence and Investigations — a chronological timeline of an event, including texts and other related information and communications can provide powerful evidence in an investigation. Authorized users may export the entire incident record, including the incident reconstruction, as well as any additional information saved to the incident folder, and provide a secure, password-protected link to external users, such as prosecutors or district attorneys.

Quality Assurance (QA) — as call takers will be expected to learn new processes and skills with the deployment of text-to-911 and NG9-1-1, QA is rapidly becoming more important than ever. NICE Inform Evaluator provides you with the ability to review and track how your PSAP is handling text-to-911 communications and where your call takers may require additional training or other adjustments. Consistent monitoring is invaluable to ensure your telecommunicators’ successful handling of both traditional and new forms of Next Generation 9-1-1 communications.

Paving Path into the Future

Text-to-911 is an important milestone on the transition path to NG9-1-1. NICE’s Text Logging solution is designed to work with NICE Inform and our other i3 compliant capture platforms, to support your deployment of text-to-911 today, and a full transition to to NG9-1-1 whenever you’re ready.

Learn more about NICE’s proven integrations to these leading NG9-1-1 call-taking solutions:

Airbus DS Communications VESTA

West Safety Services VIPER®

Contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit from our Text-to-911 recording system and our other Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) ready solutions.​​​


Text-to-911 and NG9-1-1 are coming; it’s only matter of when, and we need to be ready. Our recent NICE upgrades align with our transition to all IP, text-to-911 and ultimately NG9-1-1. For us, it was a necessary move, and a move in the right direction.
Tim Nielsen
NICE Administrator
Department of Emergency Communications
Metro Nashville (TN)

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