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Certified Motorola P25 IP Radio Recording – The Confidence You Need

If communications are the heart of your operation, you need to be confident in your ability to record, preserve and reconstruct them. For your Motorola radio and other multimedia communications, look no further than NICE. Here are just a few reasons why you can count on NICE and Motorola Solutions for time-tested, trusted, and proven Motorola P25 radio recording solutions.

Proven, Unmatched Experience

  • During our 15+ year partnership, we’ve completed over 1,000 successful customer deployments.
  • Our engineering partnership has yielded 20 Motorola SIT-certified solutions for SmartZone, Dimetra and ASTRO IP P25 radio platforms.
  • NICE’s development team has amassed over 120 years of combined experience on Motorola Solutions’ radio systems – unparalleled in the industry!
  • Our integrated recording solutions have captured over 250 million hours of radio transmissions, from tens of thousands of recording channels, and counting.
  • Our integrated ASTRO IP and Dimetra certified recording solutions – several hundreds of them – are deployed at Public Safety, Transportation and Critical Infrastructure sites in every corner of the world.
  • Together, we built the world’s first IP-based radio recording solution 11 years ago – to date, we’ve deployed 100,000+ channels of P25 recording, with more to come!

Unique Product Development Partnership

NICE’s engineering partnership with Motorola Solutions means that not only do we co-develop and test our solutions together – NICE’s solutions are literally part of the Motorola Solutions’ radio network. NICE is in lockstep with Motorola’s rigorous internal D-Stream (previously M-Gate) development process, which starts a full 18 months before any planned release of a new version of a Motorola radio system.

We stress test every aspect of our integrated Motorola P25 radio recording solutions to ensure they work flawlessly together. Other third-party vendors must resort to licensing Motorola Solutions’ recording API (Application Programming Interface) to build and test their solutions, which means they’re doing so independent of Motorola Solutions, and after the D-Stream process is completed. This creates obvious delays and other disadvantages.

The NICE Technological Advantage: More Reliable and Secure with Worry-Free Upgrades

Unlike competitive solutions, NICE IP radio loggers are an integral part of the ASTRO 25 radio network. They sit on the same network as the Motorola Solutions’ AIS (Archiving Interface Server), and are connected through a single network switch on the radio network. This has some big benefits:

  • More reliable and secure – Since the radio network is highly secure, the recording system is inherently secure as well. Equally important, third-party solutions residing outside of the Motorola Solutions network are more susceptible to recording loss, because audio and metadata must pass through network routers and firewalls.
  • Worry-free upgrades – Avoid having to coordinate upgrades with multiple vendors and worry whether your recording system was properly tested on the latest version of Motorola. Because NICE’s certified solutions are included in Motorola Solutions’ SUA / SMA life-cycle programs, recording software upgrades are managed exclusively through Motorola which makes the process worry-free.

Superior Customer Service & Support

Since NICE’s IP radio loggers are fully integrated into the Motorola Solutions’ radio network, they can be monitored through the Motorola Solutions’ NMO (Network Monitoring Operation). NICE’s exclusive support arrangement means that NICE engineers in the Motorola Solutions’ System Support Center (SSC) work side-by-side with Motorola radio support technicians, receiving alerts, and remotely troubleshooting and resolving problems, often before customers are even aware.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit from our certified Motorola P25 Radio Recording, including Motorola SIT-certified solutions for SmartZone, Dimetra and ASTRO IP P25 radio platforms.​​

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The Pinellas County 9-1-1 center is one of the largest in the nation, serving 24 cities. We rely on NICE solutions to capture and manage radio traffic for 18 fire departments, 6 law enforcement agencies, and a county-wide ambulance service, and to record approximately one million 9-1-1 and 10-digit calls annually as well. Our NICE solutions make it easy to merge essential radio and 9-1-1 recordings together for incident reviews, and for the hundreds of public records requests we receive each month.
Jacqueline Weinreich, CPM
Radio and Technology Division
Pinellas County (FL)

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