Harris P25 Radio Recording

Certified Harris P25 Radio Recording You Can Count On

NICE’s NRX and NICE Inform public safety solutions have been certified for interoperability with the Harris’ VIDA system release SR10A.1 which supports Phase 1 and Phase 2 P25 trunked radio systems as well as OpenSky trunking. The certification testing was performed at the Harris certification lab in Lynchburg, Virginia.​

As a result of this successful interoperability testing of NICE’s Harris P25 radio recording solution, PSAPs can have complete confidence that in addition to reliably recording their P25 and OpenSky radio communications, they can easily retrieve and reconstruct them as well, using enhanced metadata including radio IDs, talkgroup IDs, talkgroup aliases, Call Type, Talker Identifier, Talker Location and Priority, End of Call Reason, Unit Number, Agency, Region, dates, times and more.

All of the following call scenarios are supported: Group and Individual calls, Patch / Simulselect calls, Console Preemptive Call, Telephone Interconnect calls, Emergency calls, and System All calls.

NRX is NICE’s next generation recording platform for radio, telephony, and 911 texts. NICE Inform, the leading incident information management solution and another part of the NICE NG9-1-1 suite, helps PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) manage and synchronize multi-channel interactions between citizens, PSAPs and first responders, to provide a complete, true record of incidents.

NICE's next generation Harris P25 radio recording and incident information management solutions also offer Harris customers the additional benefit of future-readiness combined with lower cost of ownership. With NRX, for example, PSAPs can record both radio and telephony communications on one platform, simplifying support and reducing cost of ownership. Additionally, both NRX and NICE Inform are NENA i3-compliant and adaptable to virtually any call-taking and dispatch environment, from traditional telephony to SIP-based VoIP. PSAPs can easily transition to next-generation emergency communications because NRX supports IP telephony, Text-to-911 logging, and multimedia capture for a wide range of NG9-1-1 call-taking platforms, while also reliably recording Harris’ VIDA OpenSky and P25 trunked radio communications.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit from our certified Harris P25 radio recording solution and NICE Inform incident reconstruction.​

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We’ve relied on NICE for radio recording solutions for our shared regional radio network for four years now. NICE has made the transition to P25 IP-based recording seamless for us, and with this latest upgrade, continues to serve our needs with reliable future-proof recording solutions that make it easy to access and retrieve vital communications when needed.
Richard Rudy
Radio Communications Engineer
City of Lakewood Police Department (CO)

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