NICE Investigate Digital Justice and Evidence Management System​

The Prosecution Portal: Secure Evidence Sharing Simplified

After evidence is collected and analyzed, the next step is to package it for the prosecution. This is where the process gets even more labor intensive and time consuming. All of the different pieces of evidence – interview recordings, audio recordings, photographs, in-car video, documents, etc. – often need to be copied in triplicate onto CDs, DVDs, or thumb drives. Once that's done, the investigator often has to hand-deliver the evidence to the DA.

The disjointed nature of the evidence can also diminish its prosecutorial value. It's very difficult for a prosecutor to piece together a coherent timeline from dozens of files copied onto CDs, DVDs and thumb drives. Lacking the benefit of the investigator's analysis, the prosecutor has to wade through the materials on his or her own.​

The NICE Investigate Digital Justice and Evidence Management System simplifies evidence sharing. NICE Investigate's Prosecution Portal saves investigators valuable time by enabling them to electronically share entire case files or specific items within a case, with a Prosecuting Attorney for filing consideration. File sharing is fast and secure. Evidence admissibility is ensured through automated chain of custody tracking.


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