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Police departments everywhere are investing in digital policing initiatives to better safeguard the public. But the growth in digital silos has a downside – it’s making investigations more complex than ever. The sheer volume of digital evidence, coming from more and more systems, has outpaced the tools investigators have to collect, analyze and share it – until now. NICE Investigate, a revolutionary new open digital policing and investigations software solution automates the collection, analysis and sharing of case evidence to help investigators close more cases faster.

Evidence Collection

NICE Investigate streamlines the evidence collection process by connecting to and collapsing available data silos into one interface. It provides a one-stop shop for gathering evidence – the investigator doesn’t have to log on to different systems or travel to locations to manually collect evidence. Using a powerful ‘Google-like’ search tool, investigators can conduct a single search across all connected structured and unstructured data sources to uncover hidden insights and connections. Advanced content analytics even make audio and video files, documents, incident narratives and case reports from CAD and RMS systems searchable. For evidence that’s not directly accessible, investigators can initiate and track evidence requests using built in workflows, and receive automatic notifications when requests are complete. Finally, a secure public portal makes it easy to crowdsource video, photos and tips. Private businesses can also use the portal to register their CCTV cameras which are then geo-located on a map. Detectives can get an instant view of which cameras are in the area of an incident, without having to physically canvas the area on foot.

Evidence Analysis

With NICE Investigate’s visualization tools, an investigator can select any number of media files (CCTV video, body-worn video, in-car video, 9-1-1 audio, radio recordings, even videos and photos taken on citizen smartphones, etc.), add them to a timeline, visualize them, and synchronously play them back. Videos are automatically transcoded to a playable format, while original media files are retained for evidence integrity. NICE Investigate’s built-in mapping capabilities also enable investigators to view case evidence according to its geolocation on a map. By uncovering evidence and helping investigators visualize it in meaningful ways, NICE Investigate makes them more efficient and effective crime-solvers, while increasing case closure rates and successful prosecutions.

Evidence Sharing

The burden of physically duplicating evidence falls on the investigator. Often, evidence has to be copied in triplicate, then painstakingly reviewed by the investigator’s chain of command, before being hand-delivered to the prosecutor for filing consideration. NICE Investigate’s virtual case folders make sharing simple. Instead of copying evidence, an investigator can securely and electronically share evidence with prosecutors, simply by emailing a link to a digital case file. The system automatically tracks who accessed which files and when to protect evidence integrity.

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