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How NICE Investigate Streamlines Evidence Sharing

The burden of physically duplicating evidence falls on the investigator. Often, evidence has to be copied in triplicate, then painstakingly reviewed by the investigator’s chain of command, before being hand-delivered to the prosecutor for filing consideration.

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The NICE Investigate investigation and digital evidence tracking system and streamlines evidence sharing too. NICE Investigate's virtual case folders make sharing simple. Instead of copying evidence, an investigator can securely and electronically share evidence with prosecutors, simply by emailing a link to a digital case file. The system automatically tracks who accessed which files and when to protect evidence integrity and ensure chain of custody.


Finally, a prosecutor's ability to "tell the story" of the case is  vitally important for the jury's understanding. Using the NICE Investigate investigation and digital evidence tracking software system, prosecutors are also able to visualize evidence in ways that make it more impactful and easily understood, and that in turn increases the likelihood of a successful prosecution.

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