Dispatch and Communications Recording You Can Count On

Transportation companies – rail, bus and mass transit – incur a high level of liability and scrutiny. As you strive to maintain a standard of regulatory compliance, your ability to assure that protocols and procedures are being followed is critical, as is your ability to identify, reward, and retain those contact center employees who are most adept at effective communications. This requires exceptional quality monitoring and training on an ongoing basis.

Due to these conditions, it is crucial for any transportation organization to accurately record and monitor all service calls for liability protection and to accurately assess those communications that provide insights into skill gaps, process lapses, and employee training needs. NICE communications recording and quality assurance solutions will help you keep workers, equipment and transportation systems safe while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Easily provide proof of regulatory and contractual compliance by recording 100 percent of call, text, and data communications in high-volume, single or multi-site environments of any size.
  • Objectively evaluate dispatcher behaviors, provide timely feedback and support, boost service quality and cultivate customer experience and loyalty.
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes. Intelligently select and deliver high-value recordings for evaluation with NICE Inform Evaluator, combining the objectivity of random selection with focus on the types of interactions that drive your customer satisfaction goals.

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