Advanced Communications Recording for Energy and Utilities

Utilities organizations bear the critical responsibility to power the country and the economy 24/7/365. As you strive to reliably deliver power, water, gas and other must-haves to a demanding and expanding consumer base, you also need to keep your field personnel safe and compliant with regulations each day without fail. Your utility dispatchers and the timeliness, accuracy, and compliance of their communications play a crucial role in the coordination of these demands. Quality of their service, including communication with customers and your field personnel, must be consistently assessed and documented for the management of liability and assurance of operational efficiency.

NICE communications recording and quality assurance solutions will help you keep workers and equipment safe while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Leveraging our 30-year experience in recording and monitoring mission-critical communications, we at NICE understand your unique operational requirements. Beyond supporting a wide variety of telephony and network environments with reliable communications recording solutions, we also support all types of organization structures including multiple sites, branch offices, and remote employees. In partnership with NICE, you can:

  • Achieve comprehensive compliance and meet the demands of standards and regulations by communications recording and synchronizing 100 percent of voice, screen, and data interactions in the environment of high-volume, 24x7 operations.
  • Keep your customers and your organization safe. Minimize organizational risk by applying compliance standards and using your communications recorder in combination with NICE Audio Analytics to uncover and implement best practices on all communication channels.
  • Objectively evaluate dispatch employee behaviors with NICE Inform Evaluator, provide timely feedback and support, boost service quality and cultivate customer experience and loyalty.

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