With All 50 States Opted in to FirstNet and NG9-1-1 Heating up, Are You Ready for What's Coming Next?

​Together, the migration to Next Generation 9-1-1 and Public Safety LTE – (via FirstNet in the US, and the ESN in the UK) – are ushering in the next evolution of Public Safety communications, and with it, lots of big changes. The convergence of Public Safety LTE and NG9-1-1 networks in the PSAP will dramatically enhance Public Safety communications. But it will also introduce new complexities which will transform PSAPs and elevate the role of 9-1-1 telecommunicators, who will need to coalesce and manage a lot more information.


I invite you to explore these NICE resources to learn more about what the future holds.

In this new white paper, The Impact of FirstNet LTE on Emergency Communications Recording and Quality Assurance, we examine the key impacts and how NICE technology can help. NICE also recently hosted a webinar on this subject. You can view and play back the webinar recording here.

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