What does Next Generation 9-1-1 mean for you?

What does Next Generation 9-1-1 mean for you?   The answer to this question depends on your perspective. In this blog I want to talk about my perspective on Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) as a resident of the US.

As a resident, my interest is in getting better service from 9-1-1 and paying the lowest amount of money for this service. Can NG9-1-1 deliver on that? I believe the answer is “yes.” Now let me tell you why. With NG9-1-1, when I need emergency service, I’ll be able to contact 9-1-1 in an email, chat, or text a message, or by phone, of course. My location information will automatically and dynamically be provided to the call taker regardless of the device and type of media I use. My call will be answered by the next available PSAP – which need not be the local PSAP, in case that PSAP is overloaded. This means that I am going to get a prompt and accurate response to my call. Now add to that the ability to trigger an emergency response by an automated sensor, like the OnStar system in my car. What else can I ask for? 

Now, will I pay less for this 9-1-1 service than I do today? While there’s no guarantee this will happen, let me tell you how it could very easily play out in the long run – i.e. 5 to 10 years from now. Once the Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) is fully established and servicing PSAPs across the US, I believe 9-1-1 will operate much more efficiently, meaning:

  • (a) Fewer physical PSAPs will be required (i.e. less real-estate); 
  • (b) PSAPs will be more efficient as they’ll have more information available to them to resolve a situation in real-time and to investigate post-event; 
  • (c) PSAPs won’t have to spend as much time collaborating with other agencies; and… 
  • (d) Dare I say there’ll be less crime, since I believe criminals will be brought to justice faster than they are today due to benefits of points (b) and (c). 

The sooner NG9-1-1 is implemented and adopted the better it will be for each and every one of us. So next time you vote for a mayor, for the county council, or for the governor of your state, check out their stance on NG9-1-1. You might want to take it into consideration before you cast your vote.

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