Video Blog: How to Derive Maximum Benefit from the New LTE Emergency Services Network (ESN)

In my last two video blogs, I discussed how the first 4G LTE Emergency Services Network (ESN) will be coming to the UK in 2017 and what emergency services operations need to be thinking about now to get ready.

In this blog I discuss two of the most powerful, currently available, and future-proofed public safety software solutions: NICE Inform and NICE Investigate. They are both ESN-ready and can be layered over existing emergency voice recording systems, data sources and infrastructure.

NICE Inform is the industry-leading digital evidence management solution. It enables all of the new forms of data that will flow over the Emergency Services Network (ESN) to be securely captured, logged and stored, providing a single complete, true record and reconstruction of the interactions between citizens, emergency communications centers and first responders.

NICE Investigate is a revolutionary new cloud-based software solution that helps detectives be more effective and efficient so they can build and close cases faster. It automates and expedites the collection, analysis and sharing of ALL digital evidence – including RMS, CAD, interview room recordings, 999 audio, documents, photos, CCTV, body-worn and in-car video, social media and more.

Both solutions address one of the fundamental challenges of the Emergency Services Network – silos of information. Have a listen to my video blog below to learn more.



To find out more about how NICE can help you be ESN-ready visit


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