Video Blog: Getting the Best from ESN - What Emergency Services Need to Think About Now

The ESN (Emergency Services Network) will begin to replace the TETRA Airwave radio network next year. Integrated 4G voice and broadband data communication services will increase the amount and range of data that can be exchanged. Digital data that can flow over the ESN will include video feeds (body worn video, mobile phone or CCTV footage from the public), images, mug shots, GIS map locations, witness statements, etc. This means mission-critical information will be shared quicker and more effectively, allowing for far greater cross-service collaboration and enabling emergency services to make more informed decisions about how to respond.

However there is a word of caution - Emergency Services need to be ready.

Digital data sources require digital management and a digital way of operating. Does your Emergency Services operation have the right infrastructure and future-proofed solutions to capture, manage and use these new data sources to their fullest for quality assurance, compliance and investigations?

Have a listen to my video blog below to learn more.




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