Urgent Communications’ Donny Jackson Interviews NICE’s Patrick Botz about Latest NICE Inform Enhancements

Patric-Botz.jpgRecently, Urgent Communications’ Editor Donny Jackson caught up with NICE Public Safety’s Director of Engagement Patrick Botz to talk about the new capabilities that NICE has added to NICE Inform to help PSAPs enhance their NG9-1-1 readiness, quality assurance, efficiency and cost-savings. NICE is demonstrating the latest release of NICE Inform this week at NENA 2016 in booth #118. The industry-leading digital evidence management solution, NICE Inform captures, manages, and synchronizes multi-channel interactions between citizens, PSAPs and first responders, to provide a complete, accurate record of incidents.​

​You can listen to the complete podcast by clicking on the image below.


Among the new feature enhancements that Patrick discussed with Donny is NICE Inform’s advance audio analytics capabilities. nice-inform-72-image.jpgWith its new powerful search syntax, NICE Inform audio analytics can proactively identify compliance issues before they become systemic problems. You can also tailor a search to various confidence levels to reduce false positives or return a wider range of results.

“Another new capability is our direct integration with Priority Dispatch AQUA Evolution which is fantastic protocol monitoring software,” Botz explains. “When evaluators are reviewing cases within the AQUA software, there’s a direct audio playback button that allows you to play the call back directly from within AQUA, so you don’t have to go to a separate recording system and try to find the call.” According to Botz, evaluators can complete QA reviews in half the time, without having to toggle from system to system to search for and play back calls. He says that the public safety market’s reaction to this new feature enhancement has been phenomenal thus far.

NICE is pioneering in other areas as well, most notably NG9-1-1 and text-to-911. “As more and more agencies are supporting text-to-911, we’re making it very easy for them to log and capture those text conversations, as well as all of the data that comes in from the text stream,” Botz explains. NICE Inform is now integrated with and certified to support leading NG9-1-1 call handling and text-to-911 applications, including the latest versions of Airbus DS Communications’ VESTA® and West Corporation’s VIPER.

“While it’s important to capture these conversations, it’s also important to be able to easily find them and use them as digital evidence,” he adds. “So we’re doing other things to allow agencies to share these conversations. Now if you have text conversations within the Inform system, you can export them into pdf format and share them with investigators or the district attorney or anyone else who may be building a case, or recreating an incident.” Exported texts can be saved in various formats, along with complete metadata (caller ID, date/time stamps, caller latitude/longitude/location, etc.), for comprehensive insight into who texted, where, when, and what was said. Texts can also be combined with recorded 9-1-1 calls, radio, screens and other incident data to create a complete, authentic incident timeline.

Botz says that once emergency communications professionals see the new feature enhancements first-hand, they’ll really appreciate how NICE Inform can make their jobs so much easier from a quality assurance and compliance perspective, while also saving time and money.

To hear more of Patrick’s insights, ​​I invite you to listen to the complete podcast here. If you’re interested in a demonstration of NICE Inform please email PSInfo@nice.com.


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