Technologies for revolutionizing law enforcement coming to IACP

The IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) will be holding its 118th Annual Conference and Exposition later this month. Thousands of public safety executives will converge in Chicago for the event, where they’ll have an opportunity to peruse the latest technologies for revolutionizing law enforcement, including NICE Situator and NICE Inform.

If you’re a police chief, you know the most important thing your personnel need to respond to incidents is relevant, real-time information about what’s happening, where and when. The second most important thing they need to know is what actions to take based on the situation. The problem is – much of this information they use today resides in silos, making it difficult to “connect the dots” in any real-time way. So how can you get the right information to the right people in your organization, for the right response? NICE Situator provides an answer.

NICE Situator’s open architecture can unify siloed systems into a Common Operating Picture, analyzing and correlating information from these different systems, and applying adaptive response plans. What types of systems are we talking about? For starters, think video surveillance, location tracking, gunshot detection, license plate readers, communication devices, real-time mobile video, CAD/RMS, mass notification, crime databases, PDAs, in-vehicle computers, just to name a few.

Before you say ‘so what,’ consider the following scenario. Say, for example, a gunshot detection sensor picks up the sound of a gun firing. That event could automatically position PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras in response to the location of event, zoom in, and then plop that video right in the middle of your operator’s display screen. What to do next? Situator could help with that too, automatically telling the operator what units to dispatch based on their GIS proximity to the event. The system could even simultaneously push video out to the responding officers’ mobile devices. Pretty powerful!

And just as NICE Situator connects the dots for real-time situation handling, keep in mind that NICE Inform can help you connect the dots for post-incident investigations. In fact, it's used at hundreds of sites and by leading law enforcement agencies. I invite you to drop by our booth (#439) at the upcoming IACP conference and get a first-hand demonstration of these powerful solutions. Once you see them in action, you’ll understand how they can transform your law enforcement operation.

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