Stars are Aligning for Next Gen 9-1-1 and for NG 9-1-1 Panel Discussion at APCO

The stars seem to be aligning for Next Gen 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). NG9-1-1 standards are taking shape and, by all reports, some emergency communications centers will be ready to receive live Next Gen 9-1-1 type calls as early as this year.  Still, the looming migration to Next Gen 9-1-1 will impact many areas – technology, funding, and operations to name a few – and there are still questions to be answered.  Also, by last count only half of the states had commenced NG9-1-1 transition activities in any meaningful way.

Wherever your PSAP stands, you are invited to attend an NG9-1-1 panel discussion at APCO 2010 on August 4th at 8:15am (“Get Behind the Wheel – Building Your PSAP’s Roadmap to Next Gen 9-1-1”).  We’ll be discussing a number of NG9-1-1 topics, like NG9-1-1’s impact on your operation and workflow, service level, governance, technology, and more. Our panelists (below) each bring a unique and informed perspective to this conversation that will enlighten you.

Sharon Counterman, ENP, Deputy Director for the Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network (Texas), brings 33 years of professional experience to the table, and she’ll talk about the challenges in finding the balance between local government and state government.

Karin J. Marquez, Communications Supervisor for the City of Westminster (Colorado) will contribute her “single PSAP” point of view on how NG9-1-1 planning can be best accomplished at the local level.

Both Sharon and Karin will also address funding issues.

Michael Rosen, Product Marketing Manager, PlantCML, will highlight the impact of NG9-1-1 on operations and service levels, and share some pointers on how you can ensure compatibility with legacy systems and processes, once you make the transition to NG9-1-1.

Lastly, John Rennie, Vice President of Solution Engineering for NICE Systems’ Security Division, will share his insights on the value of new sources of multimedia information that will flow into the PSAP with NG9-1-1, and some technologies to help you make sense of it and manage it.

If you’re planning to attend the APCO show, be sure to mark this session on your calendar.

- Jim D. Goerke, Chief Executive Officer of the Texas 9-1-1 Alliance

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