So you’ve implemented text-to-911: what’s your next step?

In a blog posted recently – Text-to-911: what's next? – NICE’s Director of Marketing & Business Development for Public Safety, Diamond Chaflawee​ explained how communications are evolving in the PSAP with text-to-911 and how that’s just the beginning of a much broader transformation that’s coming with NG9-1-1. He also discusses the importance of logging these communications, starting with text-to-911. ​

In this blog I’d like to share an actual demonstration that Diamond gave of how text-to-911 logging works where he shows how you can combine captured text-to-911 communications with other multimedia for comprehensive 360-degree incident reconstruction. I invite you to check out this demo on the Urgent Communications’ website. ​Click on the image below to view the video.​​

diamond text to 911 demo.jpg

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