Small City Makes Big Strides with NICE Technology

The City of Bethlehem (PA) Communications Center isn’t your typical 9-1-1 center. In addition to handling emergency calls, telecommunicators at the center monitor the city’s surveillance camera network. Since its inception in 2009, the wireless surveillance network has been credited with solving crimes and improving response times.

But there’s another twist to the story that few know. In 2011, the center became the first 9-1-1 center to deploy a new solution from NICE that uses screen recording technology to continuously capture surveillance video viewed on workstations in the 9-1-1 center. The video recordings are combined with related 9-1-1/dispatch audio recordings for authentic incident reconstruction.

The screen encoders don’t just record video; they also capture CAD entries, or for that matter, any activity on the telecommunicator’s screen. All of this multimedia information – video, screen captures and audio – can be replayed in a synchronous fashion as part of one audio-visual timeline using NICE Inform.

In this article in the July’s APCO Public Safety Communications Magazine, NICE’s Diamond Chaflawee reveals how the center is using NICE solutions to solve crimes, troubleshoot problems, and train telecommunicators.

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