Second Time’s a Charm: NICE Inform takes APCO Hot Products Award Again

 I was excited to learn that the newest release of our NICE Inform incident information management solution received an APCO Hot Products Award. This is the second time NICE Inform has been recognized as an APCO ‘hot product,’ the first time being in 2009.

It fills me with pride to realize that the vision I first laid out on paper almost a decade ago has been realized. This is not only reflected by the award, but by the adoption of NICE Inform by many public safety agencies as they prepare to transition to Next Generation 9-1-1 emergency communications. I should note that many security operations have also come to rely on NICE Inform’s robust capabilities for incident investigations.

It’s amazing that something that started as an idea – to help 9-1-1 centers automate the incident reconstruction process and create a more complete and authentic incident picture – has taken root at over 1,600 NICE customer sites, including some of the world’s largest emergency communications centers.

When we first made NICE Inform available to the market in 2007, we knew it was innovative because it was the first incident reconstruction and debriefing solution to support the convergence of multimedia. NICE Inform made it possible to synchronize NICE voice recordings, NiceVision surveillance video, GIS, CAD screens, and other multimedia into one cohesive incident timeline for an unprecedented view.

While we’ve never lost sight of our initial vision, we’ve also never stopped innovating, having recently completed our fifth major version release. With our latest release, we’ve added the ability to import third party video into incident timelines. This means video from virtually any video surveillance system, smartphone, or in-car video system, along with third party voice recordings, can be integrated.

It is these substantial improvements and innovative capabilities that caught the judges’ eyes at the recent APCO International conference. All public safety communications professionals, the judges selected as ‘Hot Products’ the technologies that would make their jobs easier and that were able to address newly identified needs.

Certainly I am partial, but I think NICE Inform’s capabilities are way ahead of their time.

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