SNOPAC 911’s Damon Farmer Named 2016 PSAPs’ Finest Technician of the Year

Effective emergency communications requires skilled telecommunicators. But much more than that, it requires the day-in, day-out work of skilled technicians working behind the scenes. Keeping up with all of the mission-critical hardware, software and systems that make emergency communications possible isn’t always easy, especially in an industry where technological changes are constantly underway and moving fast.

That’s why NICE PSAPs’ Finest Award Program doesn’t just recognize the telecommunicators who take the calls; it also honors the technicians behind the successful technology implementations that make emergency blog-potec-26-9-2016-P1030044.pngcommunications possible in the first place.

This year, the award for PSAPs Finest Line Technician of the Year went to Damon Farmer, Application Support Analyst for SNOPAC 911 in Everett, Washington.

Karl Christian (SNOPAC 911 Operations Support Specialist), who nominated Damon for the award, said: “Damon can be counted on to provide quick resolution to any question regarding our new CAD system. His steady quiet influence in the Tech and Admin offices instills confidence in all that have the opportunity to work with him.”

According to Karl, this past year was a particularly challenging time for SNOPAC, but as he expected, Damon rose to the occasion.

Transitioning to a new CAD system can be challenging for any agency, but when the CAD transition is part of a larger implementation, including Police and Fire mobile, Fire records, Police records and Corrections, the complexity increases exponentially. Such was the case for SNOPAC 911. But thankfully, Damon Farmer was one of the application leads on this critical project. In addition to evaluating the new software’s readiness to support SNOPAC, he also took on the additional responsibility of evaluating its readiness for all of Snohomish County. In this regard, Karl says, Damon went above and beyond.

Damon also developed relationships with the senior developers at the CAD vendor and worked long hours to help implement dozens of optimizations to ensure the system was ready for Snohomish County.

Damon’s efforts added huge benefits to the project and earned the respect of technical teams around the County.

Karl says that Damon does whatever it takes to see a project through to its successful conclusion, and that’s nothing short of special. The SNOPAC Leadership Team is also very proud of the way Damon stepped up to the task.

Damon is a shining example of SNOPAC’s core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Respect and Teamwork. This is one of the reasons that in addition to being named 2016 PSAPs’ Finest Technician of the Year, Damon was also recognized as 2015 SNOPAC Employee of the Year.


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