Public Safety Communications News Round-up

The Public Safety landscape is being inundated by change, on a scope and scale not seen before. Here’s a round-up of the latest industry news and updates including some great pieces from APCO PSC, The New York Times and Urgent Communications. Enjoy!

Tech Forum – It’s a Wrap (APCO International)
Didn’t make it to the recent APCO Emerging Technology Forum in Atlanta, Georgia? No problem. APCO International has posted a summary, slides and video on its website here. The forum included presentations on topics as wide-ranging as NG911, how to improve 911 location accuracy, and cybersecurity. TJ Kennedy, President of FirstNet, delivered a keynote address on FirstNet and Next Gen 911 on day one. NICE Product Manager Clive Wall also wrote about his experiences at the Tech Forum in this blog: 5 take-aways from last week’s APCO Emerging Tech Forum.

The 911 System Isn’t Ready for the iPhone Era (The New York Times)
I encourage you to check out this insightful op-ed penned by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on the state of 911 emergency communications, and what needs to be done to accelerate the adoption of NG911 to make it a reality for all Americans. APCO International also reiterated Chairman Wheeler’s comments calling attention to the need for funding to modernize the nation’s 911 system in this separate article in APCO PSC online.

Cities and the presidential tech agenda (The Brookings Institute)
The presidential campaigns may be heating up. But thus far, technology policy is not getting a lot of candidate airtime. In this article, The Brookings Institute explains why initiatives like NG911 and FirstNet need to be on every candidate’s urban technology agenda.

Next week’s meetings could set stage for potentially transformative year in public-safety communications (Urgent Communications)
December’s a busy month for college football and holiday preparations. But in this blog, Donny Jackson, Editor of the Urgent Matters blog (on the Urgent Communications website), explains why December could be an eventful month for Public Safety emergency communications as well.

We hope you enjoyed this Public Safety news round-up. Be sure to respond in the comments or tweet us @NICE_PublicSafe.​

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