Observations from the IACP show floor

A few weeks ago I attended the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) conference. While I spent a great deal of time in the NICE booth demoing NICE Situator (our Situation Management Solution) and NICE Inform (our Incident Information Management Solution), I was also looking forward to walking the show floor. I did some reading on the show prior to getting there, so my expectation level was appropriately set. IACP boasts the “largest exhibit hall of products and services in the law enforcement community,” and true to its word, the show didn’t disappoint.

The event was huge and the exhibitors were diverse as well – from low tech exhibits selling lockers and policeman badges to high tech vendors like NICE showcasing applications. One technology that attracted my attention in particular was in-car video. I came across many in-car video vendors, at least 10 at last count…and I found myself wondering, is this another product that could soon find itself commoditized in much the same way that public safety audio recording did a decade ago?

For those of you not familiar with NICE Systems, our first foray into audio recording solutions was about 25 years ago. As more competitors jumped into the market, we differentiated ourselves by developing solutions that capitalized on new market needs and trends – Next Gen 9-1-1, emerging multimedia incident information, IP networks, interoperability, and PSAP consolidation. We learned that to be successful requires developing solutions that solve problems, rather than just engaging in feature-set wars with competitors.

As I wandered the show floor at IACP, I found myself thinking that in-car video technology is now on a similar trajectory to voice recording. The difference between leading and following in the in-car video market segment is going to be gauged by who wins the race to take in-car video to the next level.

For example, what if you could replay in-car video synched up with the radio communications at the time of the incident? What about also synching that up with CAD data entered into a mobile data device at the scene? Or synching multiple in-car videos from multiple police vehicles involved in an incident for a more comprehensive review and investigation?

What you may not know is that this is in fact possible today. NICE has already teamed up with one major provider of in-car video to develop a solution that leverages the NICE Inform multimedia incident information management solution to help provide these capabilities. 

Interested in learning more? I invite you to click on the link above or email me at Diamond.Chaflawee@nice.com.

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