NICE and VPI Unite to Help Public Safety Agencies Prepare for NG9-1-1 Transition, Improve Quality and Enhance Digital Investigations

We are thrilled to be joining forces with VPI and honored to welcome so many loyal VPI customers into our community. Both NICE and VPI have a deep-rooted, 50-year combined history of serving public safety agencies, and this acquisition reinforces our dedication to the industry.

Together, we’re committed to educating public safety communications professionals and developing exceptional solutions to meet your rapidly evolving needs. As you migrate to IP-based Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) technology and devices on modern networks continue to get smarter and faster – offering ever more communications channels to the communities you serve – we can help you effectively manage and derive valuable insights from this higher volume and variety of information.

The combination of NICE and VPI teams further strengthens our market leadership position as the world’s foremost provider of emergency communications recording, quality assurance (QA/QI) and digital evidence management solutions, and will allow us to deliver additional value in the form of:

  • A more personalized service experience with proven support methods and processes derived from 50 years of combined experience supporting more than 3,000 public safety customers worldwide.
  • Access to highly innovative solutions and capabilities, including:
    • Full Support of Next Generation Text-to-911 Capture, Storage and Search – for all three text delivery methods (direct IP, Web browser and TTY) and direct integrations with the leading text-to-9-1-1 vendors.
    • Multi-media Incident Reconstruction – provides a single complete, true record and reconstruction of the interactions between citizens, emergency communications centers and first responders. Easily synchronize and manage recorded phone, VoIP voice and data, radio, CAD incident data, CCTV, console screen recording, location information and text–to-911 messages on the incident reconstruction timeline just as they happened in the original scenario.
    • Certified Motorola P25, Harris P25 and Airbus P25 Radio Integrations – Strategic relationships that ensure reliable, robust radio over IP (RoIP) recording.
    • Tightly Integrated Quality Assurance and Coaching – automatically schedule calls for QA review, and automate the delivery of reports and personalized remedial electronic coaching to telecommunicators. Benefit from in-skin QA call playback integration partnerships with Priority Dispatch AQUA and APCO 9-1-1 Adviser protocol and case management applications.
    • Robust CAD Integration and Workflows – tag Incident ID, Type, Location, Severity, Status, and other valuable CAD data to recorded communications to improve the speed and precision of searches for recordings, expedite incident recreation, and improve productivity and impact of QA/QI with automated identification of high-priority calls.
    • Digital Evidence Management – manage and automate the collection, analysis and sharing of case evidence. Now available via a secure Cloud hosting option.
    • Audio Analytics – rapidly search recorded audio communications for spoken keywords and phrases. Mine your calls for insights and protocol risks and trend the occurrence of important topics over time.
    • Multi-agency System Sharing of radio and call-taking systems for financial and procedural efficiencies.
  • Access to NICE’s industry-leading technical experts and wide range of service offerings.
  • Stable long-term product roadmap.
  • Financially strong and stable market leader backed by extensive resources.

9-1-1_QA_Every_Day_Icon_Logo.pngOur expanded team also gives us more resources to strengthen our commitment to the ’9-1-1 QA Every Day’ initiative – helping educate public safety agencies on the importance of and best practices for developing an effective Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/QI). We will continue to support NENA, APCO, IACP and others in their efforts, and work closely with The Denise Amber Lee Foundation​, with the joint goal of seeing every PSAP adopting consistent and effective Quality Assurance Process.​
With this goal in mind and as part of our long-term commitment to serving you, we welcome you and your team to join NENA and our experts for a complimentary, information-packed QA training Webinar on April 6th.

NENA Training Webinar: How Do Your Calls Score? Effective Implementation of the Public Safety QA/QI Standard

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Time: 1:00 pm EST

The NENA APCO QA/QI standard for PSAPs is coming up to its first anniversary and many PSAPs have started to implement it. Eric Parry, ENP, chair of the working group for the standard will explain how you can use this standard to implement or upgrade your PSAPs QA/QI program. To help you learn from the experience of early adopters, he will share selected case studies and best practices.

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