NICE Video Blog Series – Challenges of Analyzing Digital Evidence

Police departments everywhere are investing in digital policing initiatives to better safeguard the public. But the growth in digital silos has a downside – it’s making investigations more complex than ever. The sheer volume of digital evidence, coming from more and more systems, has outpaced the tools investigators have to collect, analyze and share it.

Over my nearly three decades in law enforcement with the Baltimore and Los Angeles Police Departments, I’ve seen a lot of changes, one of the most significant being the proliferation of digital evidence.

In my first video blog I examined the challenges related to collecting digital evidence. But that’s just the beginning. As an investigator, once you’ve collected your evidence, you need to pull all the pieces together to build your case, and that can be an even bigger challenge.

In my second video blog below, I discuss the difficulties that investigators face today when it comes to analyzing digital evidence, and how NICE Investigate can help.



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