NICE NUG Expands


In June I wrote in this very same blog and told you to keep your eyes and ears tuned for an exciting announcement about the NICE User Group. Well, it’s official. The NUG (as it’s known) has now opened up membership to NICE Security and Public Safety customers.  If you’re a NICE Security or Public Safety customer, this is very good news indeed!

Many of you may not know much about the NUG, so let me offer a brief introduction. The NUG is an independent, user-led organization representing and supporting NICE customers, currently numbering over 5000 members and over 1000 organizations. NUG membership is free, and open to any NICE end user customers – now also including Security and Public Safety customers. 

NUG is independent, and is governed by the NUG Board of Directors and Committee Chairs which is made up of 15 NICE customers. Steve Sullivan (of CIT Group) is the NUG CEO. The NUG’s mission is to help members optimize the value of their NICE applications through sharing of best practices and ongoing knowledge exchange sessions. There’s also an online environment for members to interact and share resources, and an annual customer conference that you can attend.

There are five key benefits to joining NUG. You can:

  • Bring industry best practices to your organization
  • Network with other professionals
  • Maximize the value of your NICE solution
  • Influence NICE product and service direction
  • Gain access to NICE subject matter experts

If you’re a NICE customer and you want to find out why the NUG has already attracted over 5000 active, enthusiastic members, just go to or email me at for more information.

Note: NICE User Group membership is limited to the end users of NICE products. 

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