NICE Inform: one thousand sites strong and counting

Recently, NICE announced that it has surpassed the 1000th NICE Inform installation mark. NICE Inform is a Next Generation 9-1-1-ready solution that enables emergency communications centers and other operations to capture and manage a wide range of multimedia incident information. The need for solutions like NICE Inform is particularly strong in Public Safety where 9-1-1 centers are gearing up for new sources of multimedia communications that will be enabled through Next Gen 9-1-1. NICE Inform brings these diverse multimedia information sources – voice, video, photos, text messages, Geographic Information Systems data, recorded CAD screens, etc. – together in one place for complete, authentic, incident reconstruction.

The City of Westminster (Colorado) Police/Fire Department was one of the early adopters of this Next Gen-ready technology. Karin Marquez, Communications Supervisor for the City of Westminster says that NICE Inform has helped her agency get a step ahead of NG9-1-1. “With NICE Inform, we were ready to capture Next Gen data, even before the telcos were ready to give it to us,” she explains.

Westminster recently upgraded to the newest release of NICE Inform (version 4) which allows Public Safety agencies on a shared IP network to securely access multimedia resources stored at a central site, thereby reducing infrastructure costs. Westminster is deploying the system along with the neighboring Arvada Police and Fire Departments who are on the same trunked radio system as the City. Voice recordings are hosted at Westminster, but can be securely accessed from the other sites. “Everyone’s talking about consolidation,” Karin explains, adding that NICE Inform helps them achieve virtual consolidation by sharing hardware, thereby saving money.

Since implementing NICE Inform in 2007, Marquez’s Department has also been able to reduce its average turnaround time on incident reproduction requests from two weeks to less than twenty-four hours. The Department receives hundreds of such requests weekly from the DA’s office, victim services, city prosecutors and the general public.

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