NICE Adds Two New Awards for Public Safety Solutions

NICE has been recognized with two new awards for its Public Safety Solutions, by industry analyst Frost & Sullivan, and American Security Today.

astor-awards-plat.jpg NICE Inform Elite, was honored recently with a 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best 9-1-1 Recording & Analytics Solution. Sponsored by American Security Today, the ‘ASTORS’ Awards recognize outstanding product development achievements and exciting new technologies that support law enforcement agencies, first responders, and other government entities in their mission to keep cities and communities safe and secure.

The new NICE Inform Elite edition is a revolutionary new solution that goes far beyond traditional emergency communications recording solutions to deliver Incident Intelligence that empowers 9-1-1 centers to improve their operational performance, provide better quality service and make smarter decisions.

By combining data from siloed systems (9-1-1 and radio recordings, CAD, QA, and GIS), NICE has taken the recording industry to the next level. In addition to improving work processes, Inform Elite enables 9-1-1 center managers to visualize this data in meaningful ways (on timelines or GIS maps). With NICE Inform Elite, 9-1-1 centers can:

  • Integrate CAD data into incident reconstruction timelines for an amazingly clear view of incidents, from every angle.
  • Cut the time it takes to fulfill audio reproduction requests in half by searching for incident recordings using CAD data
  • Focus Quality Assurance on the calls that matter most, by using incident type, severity and other CAD data to automatically select

NICE Inform Elite addresses challenges 9-1-1 managers face every day. 9-1-1 center managers are stretched thin managing daily operations, Quality Assurance, evidence/audio requests, performance reporting, training, development, employee relations, and staff supervision. With NICE Inform Elite, they can double their productivity and eliminate duplicate work, all while improving customer service and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

NICE Inform Elite was recently featured, along with other ASTORS' award-winners, in a special 'ASTORS' Awards Champions edition of American Security Today.

NICE-TL-Award-Logo.jpg NICE has also earned Frost & Sullivan's prestigious Technology Leadership Award for Investigation and Evidence Management Solutions. This award recognizes companies that demonstrate excellence in growth, innovation and leadership in their respective industries. “Frost & Sullivan is honoring NICE with this Technology Leadership Award because of the company’s demonstrated leadership and commitment to driving innovation in digital evidence management for police departments,” said Danielle VanZandt, Security Industry Analyst, Aerospace, Defense & Security, Frost & Sullivan.

“The volume, variety and velocity of digital evidence is growing every day, and the current manual methods investigators use to collect, analyze and share it simply haven’t kept pace,” VanZandt added. “As the first and most comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based solution for managing digital evidence and investigations, NICE Investigate is uniquely equipped to bridge this gap.”

In announcing NICE’s selection for the Technology Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan lauded NICE Investigate for its customer-centric innovations, proven ROI, superior integration and analytics capabilities, and workflow tools that bolster investigative efficiency and case solvability. The report, in part, states: “NICE is a leader in the digital investigation and evidence management industry, with solutions that are years ahead of the competition. Competitors will struggle to match Investigate’s capabilities and will likely fall short due to NICE’s superior analytical and integration capabilities which position NICE for continued growth and mindshare in the future.”

Running on the secure Microsoft Azure Government cloud, NICE Investigate is a comprehensive, scalable, CJIS-compliant, cloud-based, end-to-end solution for managing investigations and digital evidence. NICE Investigate automates digital evidence collection, analysis and sharing to enhance case solvability and transform investigators into more efficient and effective crime-solvers.

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