NG9-1-1 ‘love’ was in the air at National NENA

I just returned from the National NENA 2010 Conference that took place in Indianapolis this week. Two weeks following the completion of NENA’s second Industry Collaboration Event (ICE2), competing vendors who took part in the conference were smiling at each other, happy to meet again and talk about interoperability, and working together to get NG9-1-1 stuff done.

ICE8 (the third ICE event) has already begun and I find myself socializing with the CTO of DSS, having lunch with the Director of Product Management from Verint and the Director of Product Management from Eventide, who are all members of the ICE-8 planning committee along with myself (representing NICE of course). My colleague John Rennie, VP of Engineering for NICE, has also spent time with one of our competitors – Higher Ground. Both participated in a NENA panel discussion on NG9-1-1.

So what does this tell us?  First, it’s nice to see that when something as important as NG9-1-1 comes along even fierce competitors can all work together toward a common good -- to make sure the goals of NG9-1-1 are met. I’ve witnessed this both as a member of ICE and in my interactions at NENA this week.  The second thing that struck me at the show is there’s a lot of truth to the saying “NG9-1-1 is coming sooner than you think.” The industry is abuzz with talk that “NG-1-1 is coming.” In fact, there are several states and regions that have already implemented an IP network to support NG9-1-1, including Washington State, Vermont, Florida and others.  So it’s time to get ready and get excited!

How is your region, state or 9-1-1 center planning ahead for NG9-1-1?

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