NG9-1-1: Past Lessons, Present State, Future Opportunities

The 77th APCO International Conference & Expo is coming up in August and it will be another chance to talk about NG9-1-1 and the scope of change it will bring. On August 7th at 1:15 PM, four professionals who have deep insight on this very topic will share their thoughts on how NG9-1-1 has been progressing so far and what to expect going forward. If you are planning to go to APCO this year, I would like to invite you to join us for this panel discussion on “NG9-1-1: Past Lessons, Present State, Future Opportunities.”

  • Major Thomas Gross (retired), formerly with the Miami-Dade Police Department, will be sharing his thoughts on what agencies need to keep in mind when planning for NG9-1-1. Among the questions Major Gross will address are: what first steps should you take? How can you assess the agency’s progress? How much could it cost to transition to NG9-1-1? And more…
  • Ashish Patel, Director, Solutions Engineering, Intrado Inc. will talk about IP Network implementation: the key elements required for NG9-1-1, possible architectures, and more.
  • Vermont was the first state to implement NG9-1-1 and James Lipinski, Enhanced 9-1-1 IT Manager for the Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 Board, will share his own personal experiences relative to how NG9-1-1 affects call handling processes in a 9-1-1 communication center: What types of change management issues should you be prepared for? How can you prepare your PSAP staff for the changes NG9-1-1 will bring? James will take on these questions and more.
  • And finally, John Rennie, Vice President, Solution Engineering, Security Division, NICE Systems will give his advice on how agencies can leverage their existing systems as they transition to NG9-1-1 – an important discussion because as we all know budgets are not ample these days.

The panel will be rounded out by Steve Souder, Director of the Fairfax County, Virginia Department of 9-1-1 / Public Safety Communications, an NG9-1-1 expert in his own right, who will moderate the session.

I hope to see you at APCO on August 7 at 1:15 PM for what I’m sure will be an interesting and lively discussion.  

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