Meet Elvita Lewandowski, 2017 PSAPs’ Finest Telecommunicator of the Year

psaps logo.png Last week, I introduced you to PSAPs’ Finest Innovator of the Year, BVCOG’s Anita Pitt. This week, I’d like to introduce you to another stellar emergency communications professional, 2017 PSAPs’ Finest Telecommunicator of the Year Elvita Lewandowski. Elvita is a telecommunicator for the Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority in West Olive, Michigan. The center handles and dispatches requests for all police, fire, and medical emergencies in Ottawa County and for the City of Holland.

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According to Tammy Smith, Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority Supervisor, Elvita, who consistently receives Quality Assurance scores in the 90th percentile range, is a top-notch telecommunicator. Last year she even received a Smart911 Save award for her handling of a domestic violence call. But it’s as much what she does off the phone, as what she does on it, that makes her special. She’s an above and beyond contributor in the center. One example is in the area of training. This past year, Elvita stepped out of her role as telecommunicator to assist in training two new employees.

Elvita is a team player. She never hesitates to work overtime and adjusts her personal schedule for the betterment of the agency. She is a mentor to all around her and steps in to teach new employees all aspects of the job. She has taken it upon herself to master the new CAD system, and according to Tammy, has become one of the ‘strongest users of the system in the agency.’ She is also often observed walking others through the intricacies of how to use it.

When she’s not working the phone, Elvita is very active in the OCCDA’s public education, making presentations to elementary students, college students, tour groups, and potential new hires.

Elvita is the very definition of a ‘go-getter.’ According to Tammy, she is always looking for ways to improve her skills and abilities, and has consistently expressed an interest in transitioning to a supervisory role. Not one to shy away from her goals, Elvita has enrolled in an on-line writing class to improve her written communications, read leadership books, and taken on more responsibility at OCCDA. And it would appear that her hard work and dedication has paid off. Recently, Tim Smith, Executive Director of the Ottawa County Dispatch Authority, shared the news with me that Elvita was promoted to Supervisor.

“Elvita is a great asset to and ambassador for the OCCDA and I’m so glad her hard work and dedication has been recognized,” said Tammy. “She has so much more untapped potential. There are many great things on her horizon.”

I invite you to read more about Elvita in this article in the Holland Sentinel.

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