In Case You Missed Us at NENA…

Recently, NICE’s Dan Robinson and Diamond Chaflawee caught up with Glenn Bischoff, Editor in Chief of Urgent Communications, to share some news about two product announcements NICE was making at the national NENA conference. NICE introduced NICE Situator for public safety and also announced a fourth generation version of NICE Inform. You can read Glenn’s article here.

NICE Situator is already enjoying success in the security sector and now NICE is re-positioning it for the public safety sector, which certainly makes sense given the nature of the work that EOCs and 9-1-1 centers do. These operations need to be prepared for any situation, from active shooter incidents and hazardous chemical spills to severe weather outbreaks and other large-scale events. To manage situations effectively, they need relevant, real-time information about what’s happening, where and when. They also need readily accessible response plans. But today, much of this information exists in silos, making it difficult to connect the dots. Operating procedures are often paper-based and real-time information sharing is challenging. NICE Situator unifies these siloed systems into a Common Operating Picture, analyzing and correlating information and applying adaptive response plans, so everyone in the response chain knows what’s happening and what to do next.

For example, a gunshot detection sensor integrated to NICE Situator could automatically trigger video from near-by cameras to pop up on an operator’s display, instructing the operator to dispatch the closest units based on their GIS locations, and simultaneously pushing video out to officers’ mobile devices. In a chemical spill situation, a telecommunicator could instantly open a CAD incident to dispatch a hazmat team, and get immediate access to a step-by-step response plan. NICE Situator enhances emergency preparedness, improves situational awareness and streamlines incident response.

The word is that Situator got a very positive reception at NENA. Many public safety agencies we spoke to had significant interest in using Situator to aggregate video from multiple vendors into a single virtual matrix. They also thought that Situator’s ability to dynamically adapt procedures based on changing operating environments would help them respond to incidents much more efficiently and effectively. And, the ability to view the ‘where,’ ‘what’ and ‘how’ of an incident in real-time was also exciting.

I’m also told that NICE Inform version 4 received a similar warm reception for its ability to help agencies of all sizes share IP recording technology and save money, among other things.

If you didn’t get to NENA this year and you’re interested in learning more about these new developments, I invite you to visit us in our booth (#1435) at the National APCO conference & expo, or email me at

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