How to Secure Grant Funding for Digital Policing Tech, Investigative Software That Will Help You Close More Cases Faster

These days, innovative technology blog-potec-10-10-2016.jpg is the cornerstone of effective policing. But finding abundant funding to fuel new technology purchases is not always as easy.

That’s why NICE is excited to announce that we’re partnering with PoliceGrantsHelp to offer free grant assistance to help link U.S. police departments with grants to purchase NICE Investigate, a unique cloud-based investigative software solution that helps automate the collection, analysis and sharing of digital evidence – so investigators can close more cases faster.

Through the service, police departments are able to obtain information on available grants related to NICE Investigate, while taking advantage of free grant research and alerts, complimentary training on how to write effective grants, and free grant reviews. Discounted grant writing services are also available.

“Most police departments only have one grant writer if they’re lucky, and that person’s responsible for the entire department’s grant needs,” said Jerry Rodriguez, Law Enforcement Business Development Director for NICE. “For some departments, it’s not even a full-time position, it’s an ancillary duty – and it takes a lot of time and skill. Any time you can point police departments in the right direction of a viable grant, or assist them with the drafting a grant, it’s a huge help,” he added.

As a former captain with the LAPD and former Assistant Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department, Rodriguez knows a thing or two about the challenges of securing funding for new police technology.

“Money’s always an issue when you’re talking about bringing in technology,” he said. “Police budgets are as tight as ever, and generally 94 to 96 percent fixed, so grants are essential. But competition for available grants is increasing, and the legwork required to successfully secure grants requires a certain level of expertise.”

Sarah Wilson, Founder & Director of PoliceGrantsHelp, who helped launched the service in 2009 with a vision to provide a dedicated, comprehensive resource for grant information and assistance, agrees. "Grants are a critical source of funding for departments across the country,” she said. “The purpose of our program is to provide thorough information about available grants and the tools to create successful applications. We are proud to be able to assist with simplifying the grants process for police departments."

It’s a formula that has proven successful. While on average only 17 percent of grant applications are approved, according to Wilson, PoliceGrantsHelp has seen a steady success rate of around 40 percent, translating into $98 million dollars in grants over the past seven years.

“There’s a misconception that funding isn’t available – but there absolutely is,” she said. “Right now our program and research team is tracking close to $7 billion in police grants alone, so there is funding out there.”

To take advantage of free grant assistance for NICE Investigate, simply visit and fill out the request form, or contact NICE at

You can also learn more about NICE Investigate and the grant assistance program by viewing this free on-demand webinar:


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