Former Philadelphia PD Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey discusses digital evidence challenges

There are few individuals who have earned as much recognition, admiration, respect, and awards for their policing accomplishments as Charles H. Ramsey. As former Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Ramsey led the fourth largest police department in the nation. He was also appointed by President Barack Obama to co-chair the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

During his long and storied career, Ramsey has provided leadership through many challenges and difficult times. According to Ramsey, one of the current pressing challenges facing police departments is the exponential growth of digital evidence. “What we can’t afford to do is move from paper silos to electronic silos,” he explains. “We [need] systems that can pull information together for investigators and others to be able to do their jobs effectively.” Ultimately, he says, the quicker police departments can solve cases, the faster they can get criminals off the street – and that benefits everyone. Click on the video below to hear Ramsey’s remarks first-hand.

I also invite you to visit our Digital Policing website to learn more about how NICE is helping police departments solve these very same types of challenges.


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