Five Reasons why Hosted Solutions Make Sense for Public Safety

When software as service (SaaS) first appeared on the global scene over a decade ago, it got a lukewarm reception, but its popularity has grown steadily since, as a matter of fact into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Just think about it. You use Internet hosted solutions every day – Gmail, Hotmail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name a few. For business applications, think Web collaboration tools (like WebEx), customer-relationship management solutions (like Salesforce), enterprise-resource planning (ERP) software and marketing automation software (like Marketo).

So what of Public Safety? Last month, I wrote about a trend toward hosted solutions that I see taking shape in this industry.

VoIP E-911 and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) have been available in hosted configurations for a few years now, but not in any widespread adopted way. Today, however, hosted solutions, such as NICE In​form​, are getting a serious second look. With municipal budgets continuing to contract, and PSAPs latching on to the concept of sharing IP infrastructure – which they’ll be doing even more of as they transition to the future ESInet – hosted solutions are coming to the forefront.

Here are five key reasons why hosted solutions make sense for public safety.

  1. More bang for the buck — A major benefit of hosted solutions is that they are cost effective. Instead of a huge upfront capital expenditure, PSAPs can pay a smaller, predictable monthly charge to subscribe to the software as a service, so it can be budgeted as an ongoing operating expense.
  2. Richer functionality, resiliency and data security— Hosted solutions put richer functionality and resiliency within the reach of PSAPs by leveraging economies of scale.
  3. Rapid deployment and seamless scalability — Because hosted solutions do not require an upfront capital outlay, the purchase process can be streamlined. Hosted solutions also are much quicker to deploy.
  4. Maintenance and support — Most PSAP technology requires some level of support from in-house IT resources. With hosted solutions, this responsibility and cost is assumed by the vendor that provides the Software as a Service.
  5. Easier to change your mind — With a hosted solution, you are only married to your decision for the life of the service provider agreement.

Interested in learning more? I encourage you to read my in-depth article on this topic, “Why hosted solutions make sense for public safety,” in Urgent Communications Magazine.

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