11 Ways NICE Public Safety Has Strengthened its Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Service and Support

​​​NICE is renowned for its innovative Public Safety solutions. But we believe that exceptional products and service go hand in hand. That’s why we take service excellence very seriously. And why we’ve taken steps to strengthen our service commitment to you.

Continuous improvement is our mantra, because we know that industry-leading technology isn’t really industry-leading, unless it’s backed up by great service 24x7x365. The public counts on you and you count on us to help you continue doing the important work you do every day – protecting communities and saving lives.

“It’s clear that NICE Public Safety is now executing well on all cylinders – product reliability and support have been outstanding. Keep up the great work.”
– Diane Sanchez, Deputy Director of Administration and Emergency Communications, Harlingen Police Dept., Texas

What does this mean? In short, we don’t just want to resolve your request – we want to wow you with an exceptional customer experience. For this reason, we launched our Customer Experience Program two years ago. Since that time, we’ve experienced a 40% improvement in customer loyalty. We wouldn’t have been able to make these gains without the continuous feedback of our customers and partners.

You told us where we needed to improve. And we listened. Here are eleven things we’ve done to improve our service commitment to you:

  1. We’ve doubled our service helpdesk and implementation team headcount since 2013 – nothing makes our enthusiastic, experienced support engineers happier than knowing they’ve helped resolve your issue. And thanks to efficient troubleshooting processes and technology, our dedicated support staff can now resolve 95% of your service requests efficiently by remotely connecting to your system, which means quick turnaround and convenience for you. We’ve also added seasoned project management professionals to our implementation teams, cutting the average time from purchase to installation to just eight weeks.
  2. We’ve doubled our public safety product R&D team – to deliver more innovative capabilities to you! This translates into rock-solid reliability and NG911-ready value-add solutions: Text-to-911 and screen recording, multimedia incident recreation, automated Quality Assurance, audio and text analytics, and digital multimedia investigation of real-life crimes.
  3. Our deployment is faster, more accurate and unobtrusive – We’ve refined our project management and implementation methodology. We broke down every solution offering into detailed project tasks which has resulted in more accurate planning. Our project managers also engage with you earlier and keep in constant, open communication throughout every phase of your NICE solution deployment.
  4. Increased on-site responsiveness – With more than 75 certified implementation and support engineers and dozens of regional support partners in the NICE support ecosystem, we’ve improved the depth, quality, and frequency of our technical and solutions training, so you can get up-to-speed fast.
  5. Our new NICE Support web portal lets you open tickets and track service requests anywhere, anytime – all web tickets are assigned and priority-handled by an engineer specifically tasked to managing your case. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Web Portal upgrade which will give you even greater visibility and ease of access!
  6. We don’t just collect service data, we analyze it to look for better ways to serve you. This proactive approach has resulted in:
    • A 25% decrease in service requests over a single quarter.
    • 24-hour resolution for over 89% of service tickets
    • Improved product reliability
    • Improved customer satisfaction as a result of changes to policy, people, products, programs and processes
  7. Our recently-developed online education portal provides new tools for self-paced training and knowledge exchange.
  8. We invested into streamlining our unified, local service delivery model with Motorola and our regional value added resellers to ensure you get the hands-on support you need, when you need it.
  9. We created a cost-effective path to system redundancy to eliminate single points of failure, minimize downtime, and prevent loss of recordings and data.
  10. We created a new Customer Advocacy function in NICE and hired the former Motorola Director of Customer Advocacy and Quality to lead our Voice of the Customer initiative
  11. We will also be introducing the PubNUG (the Public Safety NICE User Group) in a few months. This will create a unique opportunity for you to network with fellow NICE customers and Public Safety industry peers to share your views, challenges, best practices and successes.

We’ve taken all of these actions with one thing in mind – You! We want to ensure that our commitment to exceptional support and service isn’t mere lip service, but that it actually delivers real results for you.

So, please let us know how we’re doing. Your feedback, whether positive or negative, is important and welcome.


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