10 Best Practices to Improve your 9-1-1 Quality Assurance Program

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 ​April 2017 will mark the two year anniversary since NENA and APCO introduced the new standard for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement (QA/QI) for PSAPs (APCO/NENA ANS ​

The idea behind the initiative was to “establish a long overdue quality assurance and improvement process for all of North America’s 9-1-1 PSAPs and their telecommunicators to ensure call taking and radio dispatch actions are delivered at the highest possible standard.”

The foreword to the APCO/NENA standard document aptly points out that all of the training in the world is useless without consistent standards, and ongoing monitoring and reinforcement to make sure proper procedures and protocols are being followed.

I recently wrote an article for NENA’s The Call in which I highlighted ten best practices for 9-1-1 QA based on the new standard.

The article is also based on input from several notable experts, including: Patrick Botz, co-author of the book 'The High Performing PSAP: Best Practices for NG9-1-1 Recording and Quality Assurance'; Eric Parry, ENP, who chaired the NENA Development Standards Committee Quality Assurance Working Group; and Sherrill Ornberg, ENP, RPL, who collaborated with other members of the Working Group to create the new national standard and whose primary contribution was the quality assurance review spreadsheets.

I invite you to read the complete article NENA’s The Call.


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