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Call Audio Logging Software for Security Alarm Monitoring

Companies that provide security services and monitoring of burglar, fire, commercial and residential alarm systems are subject to strict regulations, certification requirements and periodic audits, such as by Underwriters Laboratories in the USA. To maintain a reputation of high quality, reliability, and service levels, your company must continuously meet the requirements for comprehensive, secure data collection and storage, including recorded contact center communications. Quality of service must be consistently assessed and documented. Your ability to uncover and remedy employee knowledge gaps and performance lapses, process bottle necks, and barriers to operational efficiency depends on disciplined monitoring of employee and system performance.

Hundreds of security central station alarm monitoring and public safety organizations rely on NICE audio logging software and quality assurance solutions to achieve just that. NICE incident management systems support forensic incident investigations with unified collection and storage of recordings, data and third party files; and secure, web-enabled access by authorized reviewers. It ensures accuracy, authenticity and integrity of data while maintaining chain of custody. NICE adapts to your unique operational requirements. Beyond supporting virtually any telephony vendor or network environment with audio logging software, we also support all types of organization structures including multiple sites, branch offices, and remote employees. In partnership with NICE, you can:

  • Achieve comprehensive compliance and meet the demands of standards and regulations by recording and synchronizing 100 percent of voice, screen, and data interactions in the environment of high-volume, 24x7 operations.
  • Keep your customers and your organization safe. Minimize organizational risk by applying compliance standards and using interaction analytics to uncover and implement best practices on all communication channels.
  • Objectively evaluate contact center employee behaviors with NICE Inform Evaluator, provide timely feedback and support, boost service quality and cultivate customer experience and loyalty.

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We looked at other vendors. But what brought us home to NICE is the fact that NICE has been around for a long time, and that’s important to me because as we all know, companies come and go.
Robert Mitchell
Vice President of Monitoring Services
Bay Alarm

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