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Analyze Conversations to Uncover Insights with Audio Analytics Software

In the emergency communications center environment, there is no room for mistakes. Ensuring call taker and dispatcher compliance to protocols, reducing liability and improving performance are ongoing objectives for all PSAPs. NICE Inform Audio Analytics software helps you continually achieve these goals by monitoring and analyzing all of your calls. Moreover, it can improve the investigative process by enabling you to search on spoken keywords and phrases to quickly find calls based on their content.

Reveal Hidden Insights
Quickly find and link information in recorded communications using voice-to-text system conversion and advanced keyword search tools. NICE’s audio analytics software brings to light insights that may otherwise remain hidden.

Vital Insights from Categorized Calls
Automated call categorization allows you to quickly determine if seemingly unrelated calls are linked. And it enables you to identify trends based on time, location and activity. Additionally, you’ll be able to evaluate the quality of handling of specific call types and drive improvements by identifying both best practices and knowledge gaps. Use audio analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of QA by isolating specific types of calls for targeted QA review. For example, audio analytics can automatically identify and categorize calls containing keywords or phrases relating to domestic violence, homicides or heart attacks. For the latter, key words like ‘heart attack,’ ‘cardiac arrest,’ or ‘chest pain’ would trigger the recording to be pulled and categorized for review.

Improved Protocol Adherence
Use audio analytics to ‘listen’ to 100% of 9-1-1 calls and isolate problem calls (e.g. containing unacceptable language), or to detect the presence or absence of keywords / phrases to determine if protocols were followed.

Effective Investigations
Recorded audio can be invaluable for investigations. But sometimes, investigative clues lie hidden beneath the surface, in the spoken words themselves. These clues can be difficult to get to, especially when there’s no time/date reference, or if the incident is complex (occurred over some distance and time). NICE’s audio analytics is speech-to-text based (rather the phonetics-based) so it indexes every word found in 9-1-1 audio recordings – which means it can reliably detect every possible occurrence of a word or phrase. Use NICE Inform’s audio analytics to search 9-1-1 audio that spans an extended timeframe, by any word or phrase that could be related to the investigation. You can retrieve the information needed for an investigation faster, and even find calls that are part of a build-up to an incident that can yield insight into the cause or reveal witnesses.

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