APCO 9-1-1 Adviser®

Streamline QA Case Review in APCO 9-1-1 Adviser with Integrated Call Playback

Smart Horizons, the developers of APCO 9-1-1 Adviser, and NICE have partnered to streamline the case review process and make your job of assuring quality of emergency communications much easier. Now you can conveniently play back call or radio audio related to cases of interest directly from your 9-1-1 Adviser case review and grading interfaces – eliminating the time-consuming process of searching for recordings within a separate recording system interface.

With NICE Inform call recording, 9-1-1 Adviser users can conveniently search, filter and playback interaction recordings related to the cases of interest directly from their 9-1-1 Adviser interface – no need to toggle between different applications while performing a call quality evaluation.

  • 9-1-1 Adviser presents a case information form that includes questions asked and answers collected during a call. Supervisors can enter comments and pull up a call directly within the form, without having to go to the recording system.
  • Recorded calls playback within a standard Windows® Media Player which allows for a variety of useful playback controls including play, pause, fast forward/backward, volume up/down, and more.
  • Accessing a recorded phone or radio conversation from within the 9-1-1 Adviser interface is easy with embedded call search and filtering based on any combination of call or case criteria.
  • Matching call audio recordings are presented for playback via a standard Windows® Media Player.
  • Desired call(s) can then be loaded into the ‘case report’ view. Call data and a ‘call playback’ icon are presented in this view.


Using integrated Quality Evaluation, quality reviewers can answer QA questions using APCO provided or custom worksheets. The worksheets provide criteria which QAEs can use to evaluate whether telecommunicators followed appropriate protocols, to ensure the right questions were asked, and no required questions were omitted.

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