Call Taking & Dispatch Consoles

NICE Integrations with Call Taking and Dispatch Consoles

As the world continues to become more connected, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. As a result, PSAPs are upgrading to the latest-generation IP call taking and dispatch console systems. When they do, they need confidence in their ability to capture communications from these systems as well. NICE’s partnerships with industry-leading companies in the public safety sector ensure our IP dispatch recording solutions are fully integrated, tested and certified to work flawlessly.​​

Learn more about NICE’s proven call taking and dispatch console system integrations:

​ ​​
Airbus DS Communications VESTA (Cassidian)

​ ​​
Avtec Scout

​ ​​
IP Command

​ ​​

​ ​​
West Safety Services VIPER (Intrado)

​ ​​
Zetron MAX​​​​


NICE’s NG9-1-1-ready solutions complement our VESTA suite and we are excited to offer them to our customers. PSAPs need proven solutions to manage greater volume and a variety of information sources throughout the call handling process. By integrating VESTA and NICE Inform solutions, we’re providing an end-to-end call handling system that addresses these challenges unlike anything else in the market.
Bob Freinberg
Airbus DS Communications

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