Body-Worn Cameras

Automate the Collection of Evidence from Body Worn Cameras and Other Systems

Body worn video (BWV), also known as body cameras and body-worn cameras, is a video recording system that can be utilized by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes. Its use has been shown to increase both officer and citizen accountability. BWVs are notable because their placement, often on the front of a shirt. They provide for first-person perspective and a more complete chain of evidence. BWV is a form of closed-circuit television.

NICE Investigate extracts video from body-worn camera systems for secure access via centralized, web-based digital investigation interface, in support of efficient crime investigations and other law enforcement operations. Consolidated, geo-located, and synchronized on a timeline along with items from other digital evidence sources, body-worn camera video becomes an important evidence item for detectives, prosecutors, and others involved in digital policing operations.

NICE Investigate Expedites Case Investigation and Closure

NICE Investigate is the first digital policing solution to automate and expedite the entire digital investigation process, helping close more cases faster and leading to more successful prosecutions.

It takes on some of key challenges facing investigation departments today: collecting, analyzing and sharing evidence. NICE Investigate replaces time-consuming, manual processes and enables investigators to more efficiently analyze the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ of their cases.​


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