Elevate Your Quality Assurance with Workflow Automation

Nowhere is quality of service more important than in 9-1-1 communications. There is much at stake when a call goes wrong: your agency’s reputation, potential liability and expensive litigation; and most importantly, peoples’ lives.

NICE Inform Evaluator public safety 911 quality assurance software gives you the tools you need to reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of your telecommunicators’ emergency communications – by proactively identifying and mitigating knowledge gaps and compliance issues. It can also help improve employee engagement, accountability and job satisfaction by identifying and recognizing exemplary performance or strengths in incident response.

Manual Processes Automated
Manually searching for the prescribed number of recorded calls to evaluate consumes valuable time that could be invested into employee coaching or evaluating a greater sample of calls. NICE Inform Evaluator’s rules-based call selection automates this process and also ensures that calls are selected randomly and consistently, which instills employee confidence in your QA/QI program’s objectivity.

Support for APCO/NENA QA/QI and CALEA Standards
NICE Evaluator is configured with all evaluation forms recommended by the latest APCO/NENA ANSI standard for QA/QI. The 911 Quality Assurance evaluation forms can be adapted to your agency’s requirements. Customizable reports help management identify best practices and areas requiring attention in order to promote continuous improvement.

Seamless Experience with One Interface
As part of the NICE Inform application suite, the QA evaluation module shares the same interface as the recording and incident reconstruction system, putting everything you need for effective quality audits at your fingertips.

Customizable QA Forms for Objective Review
Maximize the impact of your evaluations with customized call taking and dispatch QA evaluation forms. Start from a library of pre-built forms or use form builders to quickly create QA forms for different protocols, roles and incident types, first setting up form sections and questions, then assigning weighting factors. The public safety 911 quality assurance software software automatically tabulates the scores as evaluations are completed. Your quality assurance reviewer or PSAP 911 center supervisors can easily score for knowledge, empathy, compliance and other criteria. You can tailor a set of evaluation questions and forms to different job responsibilities, seniority, types of incidents, and anything else that reflects your priorities.

Evaluate Complete Multimedia Incidents
With NICE Inform Evaluator, you can evaluate the quality of service delivered across an entire emergency incident. NICE Inform Evaluator supports the evaluation of single calls as well as complete incidents, including both the call-taking and dispatching portions of the call, and all of the call content including voice recordings, texts, GIS and captured CAD screens. Armed with complete incident information, management can gain substantially more insight into the incident handling process and identify best practices and areas requiring attention and improvement.


NICE Inform Reporter
The beauty of electronic scoring is that it also makes it possible to automatically generate reports which highlight performance metrics/trends and skills gaps. These insights can then be applied to improving performance via one-on-one coaching sessions, or training on a broader scale. Quality Assurance reports leverage data from ongoing evaluations to give managers insight into the performance of Individual operators, teams of call takers or dispatchers, and the entire PSAP. Activity reports provide insight into the volume of 911 calls and radio communications to support more effective staffing decisions.

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Our new system is going to enable us to do a much higher performance level evaluation for all our interactions with first responders and the public. We want to pave the way and lead in the country in training, as well as in quality and performance.
Kathi Yost, C.M.C.P.
Director of Communications
Harris County (TX) Sheriff’s Office

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