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EMS 911 Logging Recorder and Quality Assurance Solutions

The heart of every strong, high-performing EMS operation is an outstanding contact center staffed with a team of dedicated communications specialists. Proper employee selection, training and quality control, coupled with the development and enforcement of policies and procedures are all essential to mitigating risk and liability, promoting compliance and assuring success and accountability.

The Critical Role of Consistent Quality Control

When contact center as well as on-site decisions can mean the difference between life and death, logging EMS communications and continuous quality assurance and improvement (QA/QI) is a must. American College of Emergency Physicians found that "Quality improvement programs assume that all EMTs ... want to do the best they can for every patient and, given the proper tools and training, EMS personnel will, indeed, provide high quality care." When QA/QI is incorporated into standard processes, it strengthens the foundation of the organization by changing the quality assurance culture from one that's historically been perceived as punitive to one that's transparent and designed to meet everyone’s needs. This is where 911 Logging Recorder and NICE Inform Evaluator (NICE’s quality assurance solution) can make a difference.

Trusted EMS Partner

NICE’s solutions are trusted by hundreds of emergency response organizations to reliably record emergency communications for compliance, liability management, and QA/QI. The recordings of critical communications between physicians and EMS personnel also protect your EMS teams from unwarranted complaints or lawsuits.

Recorded voice, text, and data is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Along with a built-in authentication process to maintain data integrity, this assures that recordings and other evidence provided is admissible in court.

NICE solutions can help your EMS operation:

  • Easily provide proof of compliance by recording 100 percent of your emergency communications, whether your EMS agency manages a high-volume, single site or multi-site operations.
  • Objectively evaluate EMS dispatcher communications with patients, paramedics and other response personnel. Provide timely feedback and support, boost service quality and cultivate accountability.
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes by intelligently selecting and delivering high-value recordings for evaluation, combining the objectivity of random selection with the ability to focus on the types of interactions that have the greatest impact on your customer satisfaction goals.

Contact us today to learn how your EMS organization can benefit from our reliable 911 Logging Recorder and NICE Inform Evaluator solutions.


With NICE Inform, we’ll be able to assemble multimedia incident reconstructions in electronic incident folders which can be securely accessed online by our member agencies, for review or training. This will greatly enhance our efficiency and ability to share information.
Penny Adams
Communications Center Manager
Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS

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