Omnichannel Interaction Recording

Drive value from every interaction. Across any channel

On any given day, customers engage with your organizations across an average of nine channels, creating thousands of interactions, every minute. NICE AIR & Engage allow you to record these interactions for:

  • Comprehensive compliance
  • Intelligent quality management
  • Real time apps deployment such as: Real Time Authentication, Fraud detection, Speech analytics
  • Customer and business insights

NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) and Engage, is a scalable, secure and robust platform that make it easy to record and manage interaction data from multiple channels and data sources in a single place.

Comprehensive and flexible interaction recording

NICE AIR & Engage provide comprehensive omnichannel interaction recording: voice, video, chat, email, and social media and is integrated with all major vendors: Avaya, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft Skype for Business, e-Gain, LivePerson, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Designed for flexibility, it easily adapts to your contact center's unique operational requirements. Over a single platform, AIR & Engage support thousands of concurrent IP streams: capturing, forwarding in real time, recording and archiving.

Ready for cloud and hybrid deployments, AIR & Engage deliver all the advantages of a thorough and robust recording platform over a fully dedicated and operated public or private cloud designed for high availability and redundancy for global coverage and optimal performance.

  • Omnichannel recording – helps you provide customers a coherent experience across channels by offering a single platform to achieve compliance, quality practices, and more
  • Comprehensive compliance –helps you meet the demands of regulators and standard bodies, keep your customers and your organization safe, and minimize organizational risks, with its encompassing compliance solution, certified for PCI DSS3 and HIPAA.
  • Unprecedented recording scalability – linear scalability that supports up to 5000 channels of any type (Voice, screen, chat, video, social media, etc.) per interaction recorder, and lowers Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)

Simplifying IT activities

With the rapid digitalization of service channels, the IT departments face numerous challenges – amongst which the necessity to integrate siloed technologies, to the complexity of the system management, and through the costs associated with these activities. AIR & Engage offer a mission critical approach that drives more integration and simplified IT achievements.

  • Manageability and ease of use – with easy user interface to allow simple resource reallocation, and prompt storage and retrieval of interactions, Engage offers a Do-It-Yourself approach.
  • Signe API umbrella- to integrate the recording platform with any third parties and business applications
  • Future proof – supporting virtually any communication and storage environment
  • State of the Art business continuity – high availability and lightning–speed disaster recovery

Easy Upgrades​

NICE Engage platform also enables easy upgrades with dedicated tools to manage and migrate legacy systems.

  • Speed – Quick & easy configurations., No need to migrate legacy databases
  • Simplicity- Single access point for all recordings
  • Transparency – Fast and direct access to historical recordings
  • Scalability – Access to up to 30 legacy databases

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Email, Chat and Social Media Recording

Business Continuity

NICE User Group Community

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