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Sharpen your skills and transform your career by attending our pre-conference sessions, and take your Interactions 2019 experience to the next level!

As part of the Interactions Premium Pass, sessions are structured to help you boost your knowledge, reach higher productivity and extract the most from your NICE solutions. You’ll get hands on training, tips and best practices from our seasoned Education Specialists and Business Consultants who have curated a remarkable learning experience just for you.

Fine Tune Your Forecast

Who Should Attend: For WFM users (NICE and inContact) of all levels.

Seasonality, week of month, extreme values - what should be enabled for your contact center? Does the key to better accuracy lie in historical weightings? This session will guide you through the forecasting defaults and their impact on the final product. Improve forecasting accuracy without adding a soothsayer to the team!

Staffing Tables: Plan for the Unplanned

Who Should Attend: For WFM users (NICE and inContact) of all levels.

View different ways to use the Staffing Tables and enter percentages for either MU or MU Set’s. You can also use the Staffing Tables view to build tables based on past or future scheduled activities at the interval level. You will learn to build these staffing tables for an MU or MU Set and view the results in the Staffing Tables view. The system uses the MU staffing table percentages for: Schedule overhead during schedule generation, Adjustment to opens in the Intraday view, Staffing limits for Meeting Scheduler.

WebStation Suite from A to Z

Who Should Attend: For WFM users (NICE and inContact) of beginner-intermediate level.

Take a whirlwind tour of the many tools available in Agent and Supervisor WebStation, which promote self-serve environments and a win-win culture for all. We will discuss the efficiencies gained by automation of schedule preferences and trades, time-off requests, dissemination of information to agents, menu item in AWS for agents to access Employee Engagement Manager and the request/approval process for schedule changes.

Interpreting Intraday Results

Who Should Attend: For WFM users (NICE and inContact) of intermediate-advanced level.

The intraday view can be daunting to the uninitiated and sometimes knowing the definition of a column just isn’t enough. Data abounds and decisions must be made quickly. Focusing on interpretation rather than detailed data definition, this session will steer you thru the volume of data to make intelligent, impactful decisions.

Long Term Forecast / Personnel Planner: Planning for the Future

Who Should Attend: For WFM users (NICE and inContact) of all levels.

NICE Workforce Management brings new and exciting features, including ways to analyze long-term forecasts for various entities within your organization. You will learn how to make adjustments to the long-term forecasts, and immediately see how these changes affect the daily, weekly, or monthly staffing requirements. We will also cover how to convert the contacts received values and the AHT values from a long-term forecast to the active forecast.

Making Workforce Management Work For You: Boot Camp

Who Should Attend: For WFM users (NICE and inContact) of beginner-intermediate level.

Workforce Management is more than just a scheduling tool. Understanding the core fundamentals and best practices of Workforce Management is key to identifying the solution impact on the bottom line. This full day session will guide you through WFM key performance indicators and industry standards, discuss the correlation between solution adoption and KPI/Business goal improvement, and how you can tie those improvements to potential dollar impacts.

Making Quality Optimization Work For You: Boot Camp

Who Should Attend: For QM users (NICE and inContact) of intermediate level.

Strap in for a faced paced, full day session on all things quality in this unique crash course. We’ll touch on everything from forms to quality plans to evaluation and calibration process, including coaching agents and tracking results. Enjoy the ride and come out on the other side with ideas on how to take your quality program to new heights!

Metrics for Call Center Performance and Quality

Who Should Attend:

We’ll share real world examples of using speech analytics-energized data to measure and improve call center performance.

The Interaction Analytics Process – Best Practices

Who Should Attend:

How to get the most out of the analytic tools Nexidia provides, and how to structure and manage an analytics project.

Understanding the Data Export Utility

Who Should Attend:

More and more Nexidia customers are using the DEU to feed query results, transcripts, etc., to data warehouses and other applications. It’s a technical subsystem that has implications for the business as well. How does it work, and what do analysts need to know about it?

Driving Operationalization Using Workflows

Who Should Attend:

Workflows have proven their use in many contexts within Nexidia. We’ll share when they are useful, how to set them up, and traps to watch out for.

Visual Query Builder – Best Practices

Who Should Attend:

Sharing everything we’ve learned in using Visual Query Builder for the last year and a half. Techniques for phrase selection, dispositioning, and using seeding to nail those gnarly, low-occurrence queries.

Custom Reporting Using Report Builder

Who Should Attend:

Built into the Nexidia platform is a high-functioning BI tool. Learn the ins and outs to allow you to create sophisticated reports combining metadata and query information. Using filters, defining metrics, specifying charts/graphs and customizing their looks will be covered

Meet The Experts: Advanced Process Automation

Who Should Attend: For users of all levels.

Do you want to know how to better utilize the Advanced Process Automation Solutions? Whether you have them today or just interested in understanding how they work, come to meet our panel of experts!

Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) – Your key to success

Who Should Attend: For users of all levels.

Automation is more than just development/coding. In this session, NICE experts will discuss the many facets involved in the RPA journey and ways to reduce challenges and build sustainability for your RPA solution.

A Manager’s Guide To Coaching The Coach

Who Should Attend: For users of all levels.

In leading organizations, the second-line manager plays a critical role in transforming coaching activity into effectiveness and impact. Learn management best practices for driving coaching success, including coaching segmentation, root cause analysis, and appreciative inquiry. And discover how to transform coaching observations through a powerful before, during, and after approach.

Coaching The Next Generation

Who Should Attend: For users of all levels.

Today’s younger workers bring new skills, attitudes, opportunities and challenges. In this interactive workshop we’ll move beyond myths and stereotypes to explore how managers at all levels can get the most from Millennials. Learn how the innovative application of coaching techniques and new technologies can help the next generation of employees deliver outstanding results and grow to reach their potential.

Measuring Performance, Driving Results

Who Should Attend: For users of all levels.

All organizations track performance, but relatively few actually deliver consistent results. Review and discuss the best senior leadership practices for selecting appropriate KPIs that work together to drive the desired performance at the front line. Review how relevant KPIs enable line managers to set meaningful goals, analyze performance, identify opportunities, taking effective action, track accountability, and measure impact. Learn how to transform performance management in your organization from busy work to bottom-line results.

Value Realization Services – Maximizing the Value From Your Investment

Who Should Attend: For NICE customers of all levels

Value Realization Services drive faster, deeper and broader bottom line business impact from NICE Solutions. We will discuss how we help customers accelerate adoption by up to 50%, identify and capture up to 20% more ROI, and how we create a framework for consistent application of best practice, to ensure continuous improvement and return over the long term. Please join us for this interactive session and find out how to maximize value from your NICE solution investment.

*Content and Sessions Subject to Change

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Join our one-day Net Promoter® Masterclass April 15 and gain all the skills you need to launch, manage, or run a world-class customer experience management program. You’ll leave with your certification in hand.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive Net Promoter Masterclass specifically developed to align with the needs of the digital age. The Masterclass was engineered by our strategic partner OWEN CX, whose founder is behind the thought leadership that turned Net Promoter from an idea to an industry-defining discipline. The course is a perfect next step for NICE Satmetrix, which pioneered training in Net Promoter best practices years ago to democratize our expertise about what makes customer experience management (CEM) programs effective.

Participate in some online coursework prior to the April 15 session, then join the OWEN CX instructors for an all-day Masterclass from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The course covers both the science and the art of CEM, with topics including data, analytics, program organization, the economics of CX, and more. Quizzes throughout lead to your completed certificate by the day’s end.