​​​​​​​​​​Real-Time Guidance & Automation

​​​Make sure your agent​s know the next best action – in real time!​

Your customers expect immediate and accurate answers. Always.

To provide that level of service, at each step of the way, contact center agents need to access multiple sources of customer and product information, some of which changes frequently. They often also need to memorize scripts and carry out complex processes. And all of that often requires using many different applications.

How can you be sure your agents choose the most effective resolution path to your customer issues, in real time, every time?

From analysis to real-time decisions

NICE Real-Time Process Optimization provides your agents with real-time next-best-action recommendations, an intelligent decisioning engine, and process automation for reducing desktop complexities. ​

  • Real-time interaction analysis based on desktop actions
  • On-screen agent guidance
  • Data consolidation from multiple applications into a single window
  • Relevant drill-down information, accessible with a single click
  • Business rules configuration based on your organization's objectives

We want your organization to be able to shape customer interactions in real time, with effective agent action and streamlined processes.

Agent ​​guidance

Our intelligent real-time decisioning engine provides context-sensitive next-best-action recommendations directly to your agent's desktop, as they talk with customers on the phone or via chat. ​

With Real-Time Process Optimization, agents will take appropriate action to:

  • Resolve issues quickly, during the first interaction
  • Collect missing information from customers
  • Follow guidelines and procedures
  • Provide consistent, top-notch service, based on best practices

​​​​​​Process automation

NICE Real-Time Process Optimization facilitates complex business processes by automating some of the manual agent desktop activities. This way, employees are freed up to focus on more sophisticated tasks which require their unique skills.​

  • Automate routine desktop activities
  • Eliminate manual entry and process errors
  • Make service quick and effective
  • Reduce handle time​

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