​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Improve Your Quality Management Process


Gain a Holistic View of Your Quality Improvement

In today’s data-heavy, fast-paced contact center, delivering high-quality customer service​​ is more challenging than ever. Your consumers expect constant access to your brand, across a variety of channels.​

In this environment, managing various quality improvement processes​ has become increasingly complex. The ability to leverage a quality management solution to reach the entire workforce and drive operational improvements provides a powerful competitive advantage. It can elevate agent engagement and performance and in turn deliver unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.

NICE Quality Central™ gives you a single, holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that your contact center and back-office processes and performance metrics are closely tied to top-priority objectives. Available on premise or hosted,​ Quality Central automates and customizes all of your quality processes,​​ regardless of the data source, channel or recording solution.

By unifying your quality improvement programs in a single application, Quality Central saves time and drives better decision-making. You can uncover actionable insights that help empower agents, satisfy customers and drive efficiency – giving your organization a clear advantage over the ​competition.

Achieve Leading-Edge Quality Processes

NICE Quality Central helps contact centers improve key metrics across the board:

  • Decrease average handle time by 10%-30%
  • Decrease hold time by 5%-25%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 15%-40%
  • Increase first call resolution by 15%-40%
  • Improve sales effectiveness by 10%-20%

Unify and Automate Your Quality Management Improvement Programs

NICE Quality Central is the only quality management solution system that incorporates any interaction – from phone calls, chats and emails to claims processes, follow-up work and compliance auditing – into one evaluation process. The result is a comprehensive, end-to-end view of quality within your business. Agents and managers alike are able to access data and manage their daily tasks and objectives from a single application.

Save Time and Resources & Reduce Risk

Unlike traditional quality management solutions system, NICE Quality Central functions and updates independently of your recording platform. As a result, replacing or upgrading one service no longer requires changes to the other as well. In today’s compliance-driven recording environment, you can’t risk the downtime.

Boost Operational Efficiency​

Quality Central offers a robust set of tools that allows you to automate and customize all quality processes and streamline operations:

Workflows: Out-of-the-box workflows can be customized to simplify quality improvement processes like calibration, agent self-assessment and audit-the-auditor. Automated alerts allow you to meet strict policies, and an automated evaluation dispute process enables easy routing of disputes and resolutions to agents and supervisors. The audit–the-auditor function helps ensure an unbiased review process.

Forms: Flexible forms can be customized, automated and transformed into actionable coaching opportunities. Tips on scoring practices and automatic backups and versioning limit wasted time and protect evaluator work. Forms can be created in advance and scheduled for an automatic release.

Reporting: NICE Quality Central’s reporting is dynamic and flexible, with the ability to customize reports with more than 200 data points.

Coaching: Quality Central lets your supervisors send personalized coaching feedback – links to knowledge resources, instructions and due dates – with the click of a button.

Analytics-Driven Quality: Add speech and/or desktop analytics to your quality program to more rapidly categorize and identify all interactions in need of remediation or praise. Drive additional efficiency through the use of analytics-powered auto-scoring during the evaluation process.

Tap into the Potential of Your Employees

Personalized dashboards give supervisors constant access to their teams’ latest trends, performance indicators and workflow plans. Evaluators can compare work item queues to identify trouble spots and prioritize tasks. The user-friendly dashboards help agents review evaluations and goals, compare their performance to peers and even conduct self-evaluations for collaborative coaching. Making your employees stakeholders in process improvements can lead to higher morale and reduce turnover, leading to happier customers.

Integrate Your Quality Management Solution System with the NICE WFO ​Suite

Quality Central integrates with NICE workforce optimization solutions, aligning​ employee engagement and operational excellence across all customer service operations. Boost service levels and create a culture of continuous improvement by integrating ​your NICE quality management solution system with:

  • NICE Recording
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Workforce Management
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Performance Management Solutions

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