The Reality and the Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Care

In 2017, artificial intelligence has become a topic of intense interest to a wide variety of audiences, not the least of which are executives in charge of customer experience operations.  Customer care is often talked about as a function where humans can be replaced by "bots" supported by artificial intelligence technology. The purported benefits are said to be clear: fewer people required and faster response time.

But often it is hard to separate the promise of what AI will bring at some time in the future from the reality of what is available today. In this whitepaper McGee-Smith covers:

  • The emerging technologies that make up "artificial intelligence"
  • Explain artificial intelligence terms, e.g., machine learning, cognitive computing and virtual assistants, in the context of customer care
  • Give examples of how each AI technology is being applied in customer care today
  • Offer insight into the promise each technology has for future of customer care

To download the white paper

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